Informal Working Group on the Transport of Hazardous Waste

As specified in paragraph 62 of the report from the last session of the RID/ADR/ADN Joint Meeting (ECE/TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/152), there was general support for the establishment of an informal working group led by FEAD.

In order to prepare the informal working group, the Joint Meeting requested a representative from FEAD to prepare a list of issues, including a description of the legal and factual situation in each case, that needed to be addressed and to be circulated for comments by all those who expressed interest in participating in the working group.

FEAD prepared and circulated the list of issues regarding the transport of hazardous waste for consideration by the informal working group on the transport of hazardous waste. The list of issues was accompanied by a working document including a summary of provisions of the ADR, a list of multilateral agreements and national derogations concerning the transport of hazardous waste.

The first Working Group meeting (02-03 April 2019, Brussels) proposed the lsit of issues to consider, confirmed by the Joint Meeting in its 2019 autumn session (17-26 September 2019).

The second Working Group meeting (03-04 March 2020, Utrecht) dealt with the first 10 issues from the selected list. This resulted in the submission fo 5 working documents, in view of amending the ADR in the autumn session of the Joint Meeting (14-18 September 2020).

All relevant documents used during the informal working group meetings and generated during/after these meetings can be accessed below.


Virtual Informal Working Group

Past event
Online, October 7 2020

The Virtual Informal Working Group on ADR and waste took place online on the 7th of October 2020.

Second Working Group meeting

Past event
Utrecht, March 3 2020

The second meeting of the Informal Working Group dedicated to the Transport of (Hazardous) Waste took place in Utrecht at the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate – Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management – Graadt van Roggenweg 500, 3531 AH, Utrecht.

First Working Group meeting

Past event
Brussels, April 2 2019

On the 2nd and 3rd of April the first meeting of the Informal Working Group dedicated to the Transport of (Hazardous) Waste took place at the Buro & Design Center, Esplanade 1b.87, Office of go4circle on the 5th floor, 1020 BRUSSELS