December 11, 2020

FEAD’s contribution to the success of the European Green Deal

A review on the first year of the EU Green Deal

11 December 2020 – On this very day in 2019, FEAD, the European Waste Management Association, welcomed the European Green Deal (EGD) as Europe’s new growth strategy. An intense exercise of consultations was led by EC Commission along this first year, to help the EU legislator prepare an unprecedented regulatory work to implement the EU Green Deal. Today, on the one-year anniversary of the Green Deal, FEAD has published a report of its contribution to the success of the European Green Deal.

Ever since that day, our association has been answering the call for active public participation and has proven to be a key ally in the European Green Deal. We consider the EGD as the best tool to attain both economic recovery and climate targets. These targets are on the right way to address climate emergency, risks linked to resource scarcity, and the threat to biodiversity.

For the past year, FEAD has actively participated in almost all initiatives, consultations, surveys, and legislative procedures that the European institutions have introduced under the umbrella of the European Green Deal. Waste management issues can be found everywhere in this crucial transition towards a circular economy.

But FEAD has done much more than being a responder to the EU institutions’ call. It has acted on its own to deliver the best results for the European Green Deal and for our industry. We have held several events and participated in a great number of conferences and meetings around Europe and globally to support the EGD and our positions.

FEAD is committed to the objectives of the European Green Deal and will continue working towards building a sustainable and resilient environment by both enhancing the circular economy in Europe and reducing GHG emissions.

Short report – FEAD’s contribution to the success of the European Green Deal

Full report – FEAD’s contribution to the success of the European Green Deal

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