23/05 > 28/11   |   2023
Past event

14th International Recycling Logistics Conference

The 14th International Reverse Logistics Conference will be held on September 16–17, 2024 at the world’s first Ecological Theatre Bohema House in Warsaw.

FEAD’s President, Claudia Mensi, will be giving a presentation during the event.

Main goals of the 14th International Recycling Logistics Conference:
  • presentation of basic responsibilities related to packaging and packaging waste in warehouse logistics – e-commerce seller and waste collector,
  • discussion of issues related to waste incineration plants as an indispensable element of the circular economy,
  • familiarizing participants with waste management solutions in the European Union,
  • developing the assumptions of green business models within the Circular Economy,
  • taxonomy in the company,
  • basic responsibilities in environmental protection.