By Fead-team
April 2, 2024 2min Read

NEWSLETTER N° 165 – 02 APRIL 2024

Hello from busy Brussels. The Environment Council was in full swing on 25 March. Ministers debated the waste framework directive and the regulation on preventing pellet losses to prevent microplastic pollution. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Council adopted the revision on the Waste Shipments Regulation!
At FEAD, we’ve been bustling with activity, gearing up for our Hybrid workshop on Circular Value Chain Partnerships on 16 April, while also actively participating in ADR meetings on the transport of dangerous goods!

Environment Council: On 25 March, the Environment Council took place. Ministers debated on  the waste framework Directive and the Regulation on preventing pellet losses to reduce microplastics pollution. 

Waste Shipment Regulation revision (WSR): On 25 March, the Council adopted the revision of the Regulation on shipments of waste. 
In a press release published on 25 March, FEAD called on Member States to make sure that their administrations can process shipment notifications in a timely manner so that we can overcome the long delays companies now face.

European Commission Communication on 2040 Climate target: In a joint letter published on 21 March, more than 100 companies and investors (such as EDF, H&M, Google and more) called on the European Union to set an emissions reduction target of at least 90% by 2040. 

Demand-reduction measures for gas: On 25 March, the Council adopted a recommendation to continue coordinated demand reduction measures for gas without debate. 

E3G Report: According to an EG3 report, the gas consumption projections in France, Germany, Italy and Hungary miss the REPowerEU’s target. 

Protection of the environment through criminal law Directive: On Tuesday 26 March, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council formally adopted the Directive.

European Commission and REACH transparency: On 15 March, the European Ombudsman reached the conclusion that by refusing to give full access to legislative documents on the revision of REACH the European Commission is violating its transparency obligations. 

European Commission study on a methodological framework and assessment of potential financial risks associated with biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation: In a study published on 22 March, the Directorate-General for Financial Stability of the European Commission recommends that the financial sector include the risks to biodiversity in its decisions. 

2024 European Parliament Elections: On 19 March, MEP Frédérique Ries (Renew, Belgium) stated to Belgian media, Le Soir, that she will not run for a new term. 

Joint Manifesto on energetic sufficiency: On 26 March, several organisations such as ACR+, EEB and ClientEarth published their manifesto titled ‘A Resilient and Resource-wise Europe: Sufficiency at the Heart of the EU’s Future‘.