By Fead-team
May 21, 2024 2min Read

NEWSLETTER N° 172 – 21 MAY 2024

Last week, FEAD’s pulled off a magic act, teleporting between IFAT in Munich and the 7th Symposium on the Circular Economy in Capri! 

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European Commission infringement package: On 24 April, the European Commission launched infringement procedures against several Member States.

Commission Recommendation on speeding up permit-granting procedures for renewable energy and related infrastructure projects: On 13 May, the European Commission published a series of recommendations for Member States on speeding up permit-granting procedures for renewable energy projects. This recommendation was accompanied by a guidance document on designating renewable acceleration areas. 

Commission Recommendation on auction design for renewable energyOn 13 May, the European Commission published a series of recommendations on auction design for renewable energy.

Toy safety RegulationOn 15 May, the Council adopted its negotiating mandate on the toy safety Regulation. 

Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action RegulationThe European Commission proposed on 7 May, an implementing regulation on the structure, format, submission processes and review of information reported by Member States. 

Restriction proposal on chromiumOn 8 May, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) released a statement in which it explains that the European Commission had asked it to widen the scope of the proposed restriction on chromium to cover at least 12 chromium (VI) substances. 

ENVI Committee activity reportOn 13 May, the ENVI Committee published its activity report for 2019-2024.

Declaration for a Planet Free of Harm from Chemicals and WasteOn 3 May, 38 ministers and representatives of OECD members released a declaration supporting the aim of a planet free of harm from chemicals and waste. 

Climate Action Network and European Environmental Bureau report on climate neutrality: The European Environmental Bureau and Climate action Network published a report on climate neutrality on 7 May. 

ZeroWasteEurope report on textiles and circularity: Zero Waste Europe published on 7 May a report on textiles and circularity.

WWF report on subsidies to foster nature and climate resilience: In a report published on 13 May, the WWF states that between 34 and 48 billion euros of subsidies used each year by Member States have harmful effects on biodiversity. 

European Environmental Bureau pact for the future (EEB)On 13 May, the European Environmental Bureau published its roadmap for the future, ahead of the 2024 elections. 
On the same day, the NGO’s new president, Toni Vidan, was appointed.

CCS Europe action plan: CCS Europe published its 2024-2029 action plan on 16 May. 

US-American commercial relations: The President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced on 14 May an increase in taxes imposed on Chinese imports of electric vehicles, solar panels and semiconductors. 

FEAD News: Last week was jam-packed for FEAD as the team was present in Munich for IFAT. FEAD participated to a panels on Critical Raw Materials, Textiles and the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation organised by our German member, BDE.
At the same time, our Environmental and Technical Officer, Rafael Basciano, was present in Capri for the 7th edition of the Symposium on Circular Economy and Urban Mining. 
On Monday 13 May, FEAD’s Senior Legal & Policy Officer, Aizea Astor-Hoschen participated to the European Commission Waste experts meeting on the Waste Shipment Regulation.