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FEAD’s Secretariat serves as the administrative backbone of our organisation, facilitating communication, coordination, and support for our members across Europe. Committed to advancing sustainable waste management practices, our dedicated team, based in Brussels, works tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of FEAD’s initiatives and engagements.


Paolo Campanella

Secretary General

As the new Secretary General, Paolo brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the forefront of our organization. Being an environmental engineer with 10 years’ of work experience in the environmental and waste sectors, he gained expertise in designing and managing waste treatment plants, and evaluating project proposals of waste treatment plants. Since January 2022, he has been an integral part of the FEAD team, as a Technical Officer, contributing to the advancement of our initiatives. With a profound understanding of FEAD’s mission and a keen insight into the intricacies of our operations, he has proven his ability to unite FEAD’s vision with practical implementation.

+32 2 737 51 44

Orla Kerrigan

Office Manager

Orla joined FEAD in October 2019 as the Office Manager and coordinates all the administration in relation to FEAD’s Budget, HR, IT, and Resources. She regularly guides and supports the team on ad hoc projects. Orla has worked in similar positions for the past 20 years, working for the European Commission, various European federations and NGO’s, and for the private sector.

+ 32 2 732 32 13

Aizea Astor Hoschen

Senior Legal & Policy Officer

Aizea joined FEAD in September 2021 as a Legal & Policy Officer. Aizea has a legal background in Spanish and German law and holds an LL.M. in European law, with a specialisation in environmental and energy law. Before joining FEAD, Aizea worked in a consultancy dealing with environmental, health, and safety matters.

+32 2 737 51 41

Linda Lebanda

Junior Communications Officer

Linda is a Communications Officer with a background in Journalism. Since joining FEAD as a Junior Communications Officer in July 2023, she’s been responsible for social media management, press relations, event planning, and website curation. She is handling the association’s weekly bulletin and newsletter, ensuring timely and effective communication with members and stakeholders. Linda has a master’s degree in Journalism with a specialty in Research and Criminology.

+ 32 2 737 51 43

Giulia Caroli

Environmental Policy Trainee

Giulia joined FEAD in March 2023 as trainee to work on her Master’s thesis. She graduated with a Master degree in Environmental and Land Engineering and is qualified for the profession of engineer. She has dealt with topics such as environmental legislation, land-use planning, remediation of contaminated sites, solid waste management and environmental protection technology.

+ 32 2 737 51 42

Rafael Basciano

Environmental and Technical Officer

Rafael joined FEAD in February 2024 as the Environmental and Technical Officer. He started his career as a consultant for Deloitte Sustainability France, for 2.5 years, on topics such as the French ELV ERP, conducting environmental audits for industrial companies and designing sustainable strategies for public and private sector. He then worked for 2 years in Manila as Attaché for Scientific Cooperation at the French Embassy to the Philippines, handling bilateral and multilateral cooperation on climate change, health, environment and agriculture. He pursued his work in the Philippines as Decarbonization Leader for Decathlon Philippines.

+ 32 2 734 43 04