January 18, 2024

CÍRCULO joins FEAD to drive sustainable waste management in Portugal

Brussels, 18 January 2024 – FEAD, the European Waste Management Association, is delighted to announce that ‘CÍRCULO – Associação pela Circularidade de Resíduos Especiais’ from Portugal has joined FEAD as a full member. CÍRCULO is committed to fostering sustainable waste management practices and promoting circular economy principles.

CÍRCULO is an association open to the participation of companies operating in various sectors and types of special waste. The association’s members include leading entities such as AVE – Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética, Carmona, Correia & Correia, Eco-Oil – Tratamento de Águas Contaminadas, ECODEAL, EGEO, and Interecycling. Together, they share a common goal of promoting the proper and sustainable management of special waste with a strong focus on circularity.

The aim of the association is to actively contribute to the efficient use of resources and the recovery of secondary raw materials, including critical raw materials. By doing so, CÍRCULO plays a crucial role in reducing dependence on scarce natural resources. Rigorous waste segregation and proper waste management are central to their mission, ensuring hazardous materials undergo appropriate treatment and final disposal techniques.

As part of FEAD, CÍRCULO aims to broaden its influence and collaborate with key stakeholders across Europe. The association’s membership will enrich FEAD’s network with diverse insights, strengthening our collective efforts in sustainable waste management practices. FEAD is now present in 19 countries across Europe, representing the entire waste management value chain.

Claudia Mensi, President of FEAD, expressed her enthusiasm for the new membership: ‘We extend a warm welcome to CÍRCULO. Their expertise and dedication to circular economy principles align perfectly with FEAD’s vision. Together, we look forward to driving positive change and advancing sustainable waste management practices across Europe.’

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