September 15, 2023

Did you know that Saturday 16.09.23 is World Cleanup day?

This Saturday 16 September is World Cleanup day. World Cleanup day is an annual global social action program that wants to combat the global waste crisis. It is organised by the Let’s Do It World NGO. The movement originated in Estonia and has since grown to become a global one.

The aim of this day is to encourage citizens to participate in the cleanup of their cities and towns. According to the official world cleanup day website, the event has reunited more than 71 million people and takes place in 197 countries. More than 325k tonnes of waste has been collected.

How to participate:

  • Become a cleanup organizer: all you need to do is register and invite volunteers to participate in your event.
  • Volunteer: find a cleanup event near you by checking at the cleanup map or grab a pair of gloves, a couple of bags and start cleaning.

Why is this issue and event important?

  • Littering is an issue that can be helped through individuals taking action in their communities
  • Collective actions, such as this one, give everyone a chance to contribute and improves the quality of life in the neighborhood
  • The costs of cleaning should be on the producers through the EPR system

FEAD believes that personal collection of waste plays an important role as it is the beginning of the waste management value chain. It is important to set targets to increase and improve the collection of waste.