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FEAD’s committees are essential pillars of our organisation, driving policy discussions, fostering collaboration, and defining the positions of the association.

Our committees

Deals with legal and market issues related to the European private waste management industry, such as competition, state aid, (green) public procurement, or Extended Producer Responsibility issues.

Deals with the material recovery issues of non-hazardous waste in Europe. Municipal waste, industrial and commercial waste as well as construction and demolition waste are considered.

Deals with energy recovery related issues to waste, such as emissions, the potential inclusion in the EU ETS, Taxonomy, industrial CCUS technologies, or carbon capture certifications.

Deals with the management of controlled landfills in Europe, the calculation, verification and reporting of data, sampling of waste, and related issues under the Landfill Directive and applicable BREFs.

Deals with hazardous waste management in Europe, classification, emissions, quality standards, and safety issues in legislation and BREFs.

Deals with the interface between waste, chemicals and product legislation related to recycling activities.

Deals with organic waste issues, composting, anaerobic digestion, or the production of fertilizers and bioenergy.

Deals with issues related to the Waste Shipment Regulation and related EU legislation and guidance, the Basel Convention, the OECD Decision, and the ADR.