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ENVI Committee Says “Yes” to 35% Recycled Content in Plastic Bottles

FEAD welcomes the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee’s vote on October 10 which amends the proposal for a Directive [...] on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment (“Single-Use Plastics” Directive). FEAD fully supports the report which would make it mandatory to produce beverage containers composed of at least 35% recycled plastic by 2025.

FEAD hopes that the ENVI Committee’s positive vote of October 10 will result in an equally favourable vote on October 23 during the plenary session when the time comes for all MEPs to decide if they want mandatory recycled content in plastic bottles to be part of their legacy. This is the European Parliament’s last opportunity to act before the end of their mandate: if not now, the EU will lose at least 3 years!

Please click here to see our full press release.

FEAD is looking for a Policy Trainee!

We're looking for a new colleague!  Do you want to become our Policy Trainee for Environment/Waste-related issues ?

Based in the heart of Brussels, close to the EU-institutions, FEAD, European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services, offers you the opportunity to work with the European trade association representing the waste and resource management industry. As a FEAD team member, you will be involved in the frontline policy action of our organization, attending meetings with our members and EU policymakers as well as helping in researching key EU policies.

The intern will be hired starting at the beginning of November 2018 for a period of 6 months (minimum) with a possibility of extension up to 9 months. The internship will be remunerated.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to fead.1@fead.be by 23 October 2018, stating 'Policy Traineeship Application' in the subject line. Please consult our offer & requirements here.

Bottles becoming bottles: Let’s go full circle!

The time has come for the European Parliament’s last opportunity to take concrete action before handing over the reins to the EU’s successors: making it mandatory to produce plastic bottles with at least 25% of recycled plastics by 2025.

The European Parliament’s last chance to act comes mid-October when they will vote on a draft report that recommends making it mandatory to produce beverage containers with at least 25% of recycled plastics by 2025. If this is voted and followed by the Council of the European Union, Member States will need to reach this target by 2025, making an enormous leap towards a completely circular economy.

In the EU alone, 26 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced of which barely 30% go to recycling processes with the purpose of being reincorporated into new products. New plastic items, such as beverage bottles, incorporate in a best-case scenario only 7% of plastic recyclates!

To find out more, read our full op-ed here.

Other News

FEAD Press Release - April 2018

FEAD welcomes the EP draft own-initiative report on the Plastics Strategy

FEAD members welcome the publication of the draft own-initiative report on a European strategy for plastics in a circular economy by rapporteur MEP Mark Demesmaeker as a step forward for designing a new vision for plastics as part of the transition to a circular economy. In view of the foreseen consideration of the draft report this week in the ENVI committee, FEAD would like to draw the attention of the MEPs to crucial points for the private waste and resource management industry.

A strong demand for recycled plastics will only result from concrete binding actions, accompanied by economic measures to bridge the price gap detrimental to plastics from recyclates.

Find more in our press release, available here

FEAD Press Release - April 2018

FEAD welcomes the progress made to pave the way for the transition to a circular economy

Following the adoption by the European Parliament of the final agreement on the Circular Economy Package, FEAD members welcome the progress made to pave the way for the transition to a circular economy.

The private waste and resource management industry welcomes the legally binding targets, as a necessary push towards better collection and sorting of waste.

For more information, please click here.

FEAD Press Release - November 2017

FEAD calls for EU-wide mandatory GPP criteria for plastic products

FEAD members welcome the non-legislative Public Procurement Package : “Increasing the impact of public investment through efficient and professional procurement” and support the Commission’s continued efforts to ensure that the public procurement rules are properly implemented across the internal market. FEAD believes that public procurement, and in particular GPP–green public procurement, is one of the tools that can contribute to the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

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FEAD is the European federation representing the private waste and resource management industry across Europe. FEAD’s members are national waste management associations covering 19 Member States, Norway and Serbia. Our companies play a key role in the transition to a circular economy by producing resources which can be re-injected in the economy and by supplying energy. They add value through innovative and cost-efficient collection, sorting, and recycling of secondary raw materials.  In doing so, they play a key role in achieving the best economic and environmental outcomes.

FEAD members represent about 3,000 companies with activities in all forms of waste management. These companies employ over 320,000 people who operate around 2,400 recycling and sorting centres, 1,100 composting sites, 260 waste-to-energy plants and 900 controlled landfills. Our companies have an approximate 60% share in the household waste market and handle more than 75% of industrial and commercial waste in Europe. Their combined annual turnover is approximately € 75 billion.


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