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HolyGrail: standardization of tracer/watermark sorting as key enabler to improve recycling rates & recyclate quality

Company: multiple. Participant-led (P&G) Innovation project within New Plastics Economy (full-value chain collaboration project ; 19 members) .

Country: global (led out of Belgium)

Timeline:  2017-2020Short description: Many different systems to improve sorting efficiencies at Material Recovery Facilities and Recyclers (such as tracers and more recently watermarks) have been investigated via multiple (funded) projects. However, to ensure a successful entry into the market, it is crucial that the full packaging value chain agrees on a standard technology to avoid industry fragmentation. Project HolyGrail’s initial objective is to create a white paper on recommended technology route, that will be shared with key associations, companies, institutes in order to agree on such as standard.

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Contact person: Gian De Belder (debelder.g@pg.com)

Website: https://newplasticseconomy.org/




Petcore Europe ODR (opaque and difficult to recycle PET packaging) Work Group

Company: Petcore Europe (40+ companies involved in ODR)

Country: EU (led out of Belgium)

Timeline: 2016 - ongoing

Short description: full-value chain collaboration looking into recycling challenges of fast growing opaque and difficult to recycle PET containers. Main focus is on opaque PET bottles and full-body sleeved PET bottles.  




Contact person Gian De Belder (debelder.g@pg.com)

Website: http://www.petcore-europe.org/working-group-recycling-opaque-and-difficult-recycle-pet-packaging-odr