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  • Recythen & Procyclen
    Germany, ALBA Group, since 2016
    Recythen & Procyclen

    ALBA uses innovative sorting and processing technologies to produce high-quality secondary raw materials from  packaging waste and production scrap. The new, market-quality recycled plastic materials are suitable for admixing with other materials and for manufacturing new products and packaging.

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  • Interseroh Pool-System GmbH
    Germany, Interseroh and Aldi Süd, since 2009
    Interseroh Pool-System GmbH

    Interseroh provides a pooling system of reusable plastic boxes designed for the sale of fruits and vegetables at Aldi Süd stores.

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  • Respray
    Germany, Remondis Industrie Servie GmbH, since 2010

    The company's full service system RESPRAY guarantees that full and partially full aerosol cans from industrial and commercial businesses are regularly collected, transported and recycled or disposed of safely. The collection system is ideal for all businesses that regularly generate volumes of old aerosol cans.

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  • Neocomp
    Germany, Neocomp, since 2016

    neocomp provides a method to recycle glass fibre reinforced plastics that find application in various industries such as green energy or the automotive, marine and aviation industry to become recycled fibres and surrogate fuel.

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  • TetraPhos
    Germany, Remondis Aqua, since 2015

    Tetraphos is a process developed by Remondis Aqua to extract phosporic acids from sewage sludge.

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  • Philips Performer Ultimate
    The Netherlands, Coolrec/VAn Gansewinkel and Philips, ongoing
    Philips Performer Ultimate

    The Performer Ultimate - A vacuum cleaner made from recycled plastic (30%) provided via Coolrec.

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  • Biffa Polymers
    The UK, Biffa Polymers Ltd and Biffa plc, ongoing
    Biffa Polymers

    In 2008, the world’s first commercially available rHDPE food grade production plant was built. In 2010, it was conferred the Queen’s Award for Excellence in Innovation for the rHDPE food grade facility.

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  • Suez Ecopôle's eco-hub for waste collection
    France, Suez, ongoing
    Suez Ecopôle's eco-hub for waste collection

    Thanks to a EUR 10 million investment by SUEZ, a new eco-hub has been created in Chartres de Bretagne to recover waste produced by businesses and local authorities.

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  • Renault and Suez' end-of-life vehicles treatment branch
    France and Spain, Suez and Renault, ongoing
    Renault and Suez' end-of-life vehicles treatment branch

    In order to comply with the European regulatory framework regarding the treatment of end-of-life vehicles, Renault teamed up with Suez to create a competitive end-of-life vehicles treatment branch through a joint-venture called INDRA.

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  • SUEZ & Nexan's cables recycling (RECYCLABLES)
    France, Suez and Nexans, ongoing
    SUEZ & Nexan's cables recycling (RECYCLABLES)

    Recycables is the top cables recycler in France. This joint-venture was created in 2008 between SUEZ & Nexans in order to collect, process and recover cables.

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  • PET
    Germany, Veolia, ongoing

    In Rostock, Veolia has developed a flake-based recycling method for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles that allows direct reuse of the recycled material for new food packaging, e.g. a new beverage bottle.

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  • Turning coffee by-product into green energy
    The Netherlands, Veolia and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, ongoing
    Turning coffee by-product into green energy

    This joint venture is a successful and genuine example of a short circuit circular loop where Veolia and Jacobs Douwe Egberts developed a solution to use spent coffee grounds from the plant’s production process to produce steam.

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  • Triade Electronique: Veolia's solution to treat waste from electrical and electronic equipment
    France, Veolia, ongoing
    Triade Electronique: Veolia's solution to treat waste from electrical and electronic equipment

    For over 15 years, Veolia has been developing its expertise and has built specific facilities to tackle the complexity of WEEE products and to be in a position to treat, depollute and dismantle them. Triade Electronique, a specialised subsidiary based in Angers (France) has processed up to 80,000 metric tons of WEEE per year and has a recycling capacity of over 80%.

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  • Closing the Circle
    Belgium, Group Machiels together with Go4Circle, EURELCO (EU ELFM R&D consortium, 2019
    Closing the Circle

    The ‘Closing the Circle’ project (CtC) of Group Machiels at their REMO landfill site in Belgium is envisaged to be the 1st implementation worldwide of Enhanced Landfill Mining.

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  • Vanheede Environment Group/Vanheede Alternative Fuels
    Belgium, Vanheede Environment Group, ongoing
    Vanheede Environment Group/Vanheede Alternative Fuels

    Vanheede Alternative Fuels produces Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) on the basis of residual fractions such as non-recyclable textiles and plastics. Waste with high energy content are thus converted into environmentally friendly fuels and raw materials for the cement and lime industry.

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    EU, Vanheede Environment Group, June 2016-November 2019

    URBANREC will implement an eco-innovative integral bulky waste management system  (enhancing prevention and reuse, improving logistics and allowing new waste treatments to obtain high added value recycled products) and demonstrate its effectiveness in different EU regions, including a roadmap to improve Eco-efficiency on European waste management & Pro-active standardisation strategy.

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